Key features to look for while ordering your wedding invitation cards

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Published: 26th May 2011
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It's always important to have really attractive Indian shaadi cards as this the first impression your guests will have of you and your wedding. While choosing your wedding invitations, one should see that the cards reflect the personalities of both the bride and the groom, besides the kind of events youíre hosting.

Style: Indian shaadi cards are usually traditional. They have a picture of Lord Ganesha on the top centre of the card. Below it hosts word the formal invitation, introducing the bride and her family if the card is from the groom's family. Time, venue and date are then spelt out for all the events related to the wedding and the wedding itself, followed by the reception.

For a traditional wedding, Indians still prefer to go the traditional route, considering these cards are first offered to the Lord and then distributed to the elders in the family before they are sent out to extended family and friends. Red and gold with an off-white background is usually the preferred combination of colors as they are auspicious. Black is considered inauspicious and so is never incorporated in Indian shaadi cards. Often, Hindu wedding invitation cards are accompanied by a silver tray and a box of mithai or sweets, depending on one's financial strength.

Normally, funky or romantic cards are not preferred since it is believed such cards detract from the sanctity of a sober moment in oneís lives.

Wording: The wording of Indian shaadi cards is as traditional as the choice of design on the cards. So, these cards are respectful in tone, they often begin with an invocation to the Lord from the Bhagwad Gita and then the text of the invitation begins. Besides all the details of who weds who, where, when and other wedding-related details, an important feature of Indian shaadi cards is that they usually end with a list of names of their dear departed under the heading, "With the blessings of."

Under another heading, "With best compliments of," the host lists the names of people close to the family and their well-wishers. These two lists, people believe are necessary, because an event as important as a wedding can never be fully sanctified without the blessings of family and dear departed.

Lettering style: All that a bride and groom's parents look for are readable fonts that are easily readable. No frivolous lettering style is ever entertained for a holy ceremony like marriage. Running hand lettering, calligraphic style or any clear font is usually chosen. Lettering is always in red or gold.

Proofreading: Since sending out Indian shaadi cards is so important to us, obviously it must be done perfectly. So, it makes complete sense to proofread the text of the wedding invitation card to check for devils in the print. Not only should you do this, but in case your eyes are tired with reading the same draft, itís always a good idea to pass it on to someone else unconnected with this project. To have fresh eyes on the same piece of paper gives another dimension.

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